18 Things Not to Do After Giving Birth


After nine months with your precious child You’re probably hoping for some relief once they’re finally visible.

The initial days and weeks with your newborn are anything but stressful and emotionally. You’re learning to be mother while your child is learning how to be a successful parent in the world outside.

I’ve had my baby twice and each time it was completely different. The second time I’d previously learned the things I required (and did not require) to know, and the best way to handle my schedule and recover quickly.

It is possible to feel overwhelmed while trying to take care of your infant all at once. There are methods to facilitate the transition to motherhood and make it as smooth as they can (but it’s not perfect).

1. Don’t be expecting that everything will go smoothly.

Instead, understand that it’s going to be difficult but you’ll make it out of it.

Even though you’ll feel so happy at being able to embrace your newborn with you, the first few weeks and days don’t go according to plan. No matter how many pediatricians you speak to and blogs you read or classes on baby care you take, you’ll never be prepared for the uncertainty of infant parenting.

Because every child is unique You may not be able to tell the exact reason for a crying child is hungry, the reason they had only two poops today but 5 the other day, or just how long you need to keep them occupied before they fall asleep.

Being a parent is all trial and error. You’ll find out the best approach for your child after a thousand attempts only to end up at the very first suggestion that actually works!

Even though it might not take as smoothly as you’d hoped making sure you are as prepared as you can is sure to aid. Read up, study videos and ask questions, to make sure you feel more secure when things go well.


2. Do not allow a lot of people to come in immediately

Instead, tell them you’ll notify them when you’re at your best

Everyone you know will be looking to come visit, particularly your family and friends closest to you. You might not feel the courage to refuse however it’s the best option for your family.

Although you might not think it’s an issue but it can put extra stress on both you and your child.

Here’s why it’s not a good idea to host guests so quickly:

  • This can cause a loss of bonding time with your child
  • Introduce your baby to germs
  • Feels uncomfortable to be naked or exposed
  • It reduces the time you can relax
  • Reduces the opportunity to speak and ask questions of nurses and doctors
  • This will free you up to establish your personal routine and plan.
  • Are you stressed out about the scheduling of timeslots for guests
  • You’re inviting unwelcome parenting advice

As mentioned above Your body will be exposed a lot of the time. In the hospital, medical staff will be on hand throughout the day to examine and examine your personal areas.

If you’re nursing, you don’t need a shirt for the sake of convenience. When you’re out and about in hospital gowns, they will leave your bottom exposed.

If you’re hosting visitors and you’re expecting visitors, you’ll feel the need to cover yourself or be uncomfortable around others. It’s not your fault if you’re who is uncomfortable since you experienced childbirth!

3. Do not forget to consume food

Instead, you should take healthy meals, or at the very least snack foods that are healthy.

After delivery your body was taken away of the nutrients and vitamins were stored up for the past nine months. Your energy levels are pretty low and you’ll need nutritious food to replenish it and again.

It’s possible that you don’t have the most appetite following birth, but you can take those nutritious food and snacks to increase the amount of fuel your body has. You’ll need all the energy and nutrients you can find to take care of your infant.

Don’t start dieting just yet. If you’re concerned about the weight gain from your baby You’ll have ample time lose rid of it But your body will need some time.

4. You do not have to keep Baby in the same room all the Time

Instead, allow nurses at the nursery to take some time to relax

After the long-awaited experience of birth, you’ll need some time to relax. After you leave home, you might not have much assistance. In the hospital, you can make use of the knowledgeable medical staff who are who are willing to assist.

A majority of hospitals offer an infant nursery in which the nurses take care of your infant as you take a needed break. Nurses will be there to hold their babies, bathe them and calm them when they cry. You can be sure that your child is in safe hands.

Keep in mind that you may also provide the staff with specific instructions regarding how you would like your baby to be taken care of. They are there to respect your wishes and keep the baby’s and the mother’s most important interests in mind when taking care of your baby. They will not offer your baby a bottle if don’t give them your consent to offer a bottle! (Many women are concerned regarding the issue). ).

Many hospitals are supportive of breastfeeding and are happy to let your child nurse should you decide to do. They’ll always take your baby back when they are aware that it’s time to feed. So you don’t miss the time spent bonding with your child.

NOTE:Not every hospital offers nurseries where nurses will be taking babies under their care. Therefore, visit the hospital you are in to determine if they offer this service.

5. Be respectful of the doctors and nurses.

Instead, follow your doctor’s prescriptions.

Let medical professionals perform their job and take medical decisions regarding your treatment. If you disagree with what they say make sure you voice your concerns. Of course, the final verdict is yours to decide however, you should trust that they are knowledgeable about what they’re doing.

Naturally, there will be instances when you have to make a statement and be against their wishes However, unless you’re aware of the dangers as well as the safety and process during childbirth, you’re better to consult your health care provider.

6. Don’t be late to leave the hospital

Instead, stay to recover your entire allotted.

Hospitals can prove to be an uncomfortable place following the birth. There’s an uncomfortable, stiff bed, barely able move, and all you want is to return at home.

It’s possible that you’re feeling well enough to go home however the most secure spot to be for both you and your baby would be at the hospital. In the hospital, they will check on you both and ensure there are no issues following the birth.

Even if childbirth is over doesn’t mean you’re totally safe. Your blood pressure may rise or you could contract the flu, or your child may require treatment. Be sure to follow the advice of your doctors and nurses should any problems arise.

7. Do not forget to ask concerns and

Instead: Ensure that all your concerns have been taken care of before departing the facility.

Every question and issue is too small to discuss with your healthcare professional. If you don’t feel or appear to be right, tell them.

After you’ve left the hospital, your medical professionals are available but you might have a difficult time making an appointment. Getting all of your questions while in the hospital will avoid any panic attacks later.

8. Do not forget to ask for assistance

Instead, seek assistance from family members when it is it is.

After the birth of a child it is expected that you take on the burden of recovering from childbirth as well as taking care of a baby. It’s overwhelming to think that you can manage everything.

Your partner must provide as much help as you can, however your partner may be having a hard task with the responsibility all put on him.

Perhaps you have relatives or friends that are willing to help you prepare a meal, or run an errand or simply hold your child for 30 minutes to ensure that you can rest. Don’t be afraid to inquire!

9. Do not clean your home.

Instead: Relax whenever you are free.

It’s true that it can seem that there’s a ton that you have to accomplish once you’re at home with your newborn baby. There’s laundry that needs to be folded dishes to wash and bedding to be put together.

These things will be put off until you’re more comfortable! At the moment, when you’re taking a break to wash the house, you can just relax instead! You’ll be grateful you did.

A well-rested and happy mom!

10. Do not put anything on your vagina.

Instead: Wait for your doctor’s permission is granted

While you might need to lightly clean and cover the outside areas of your privates, you shouldn’t keep anything in there for at least six weeks!

No tampons or sexual contact until it’s approved by your physician. Also, avoid pools and jacuzzis. All of these activities could allow bacteria to enter your vagina , which could create an infection.

11. Don’t overexert yourself

Instead: Make it easy

There’s the reason that pregnant leave is expected to be between 6 and 8 weeks. Your body requires that length in time for it to completely recuperate. While recovery after a c-section may be more rigorous Vaginal birth also requires the use of a smaller amount of energy and mobility during the initial weeks.

Even if it’s okay physically, you might be adding an additional burden on your body and then get tired. You must save all of your energy in order to be able to get through the night meals and witching hour crying.

Let someone else do the work for you. It’s not worth making the effort to go upstairs to make your bed or cook dinner on the stove.

12. Don’t Be Unprepared

Instead Prepare your home for your new baby by supplying everything you require and some extra items you may need.

When you have a baby after giving birth, you’ll want everything you might require to be available. Of of course, there’s nothing that you cannot get by placing an order on Amazon or a quick trip through Target However, it’s more beneficial to have these things and the resources readily accessible to you. You can return them later , if they aren’t needed.

For instance the time I noticed sore and cracked nostrils in the first day of nursing I was so thankful I had Ameda HydroGel Pads available. These pads literally helped me get through the breastfeeding experience!

Also, make sure that the baby bag is filled with necessary items ( your guide to packing it here) Also, make sure you have things for your postpartum recovery and ensure you have all your needs for your new baby waiting to be delivered to your home.

It is also important to ensure that the home is well-organized to welcome the baby (read my tips for how to organize your house right here).

This will make your life as a new mother SO much simpler. There’s enough stress having to deal with changes in feedings, changing and crazy sleep schedules . It’s not the best time to run to the store to buy things that you could have already purchased.

13. Don’t be scared to cry

Instead, let loose all your emotions

The pressure of being aew mother to a infant can cause a woman to be very emotional. It’s perfectly normal to shed tears in those difficult days of being motherhood is a fresh experience.

There have been times that you aren’t sure of how to proceed, you’re exhausted and stressed about your infant. It happened to me with my second child, and coping with the stress caused by his jaundice-related condition.

In that moment I was determined to do everything that was possible to ease the pain off my son and allow him get better. I was terrified that the baby wouldn’t recover and anxious about what might occur.

Sometimes, you feel helpless and depressed. The body’s natural reaction is to let the feelings out and let it all out in tears. There’s no shame in crying! However, if you’re experiencing intense feelings of fear anxiety, depression, or guilt inform your doctor right away. Depression and anxiety postpartum are common however they should be treated by a medical professional.

14. Be sure to let people know whenever you don’t like something.

Instead, ensure that your medical team is informed of your concerns and issues.

You are aware of your body and baby the best. If you notice something that doesn’t feel like it should, your mother’s instinct will first start to kick in. It doesn’t matter if it’s a physical discomfort or changes in your mental health or concern over your baby’s health or wellbeing Do not be afraid to seek assistance.

The nurses and doctors are available to you at any time they are needed however, they will not know something isn’t right until you inform them! No question is too dumb or worry to be too minor for an all-new mother or baby.

15. Don’t neglect yourself

Instead, take time for “me” time when you are able.

There is always a lot of focus and attention given to the newborn baby following birth. The baby should be examined for, screened, measured assessed, and looked after. But, there’s no need to worry about caring for mom who needs the same care as the baby right now!

You’ve experienced a stunning however, possibly traumatizing, experience , and you have to ensure that you’re well. A happy mom is a happy baby.

Make sure to rest whenever is possible. Eat right and getting that needed massage from your spouse! Make sure you’re feeling at ease and like you again. It doesn’t matter if it’s binge-watching reality television or sipping a glass of wine, try to get your head back. If you’re feeling more relaxed and better, you’ll be more at taking good care of your infant.

16. Don’t neglect your baby

Instead, show them the love and care in your heart.

I can’t imagine that any mother would ever do such a thing, however I needed to say it. The first few weeks and days are the most crucial moment to build a bond with your child.

They’ve just entered the terrifying outside world following an inviting, warm area. They’re just as terrified and anxious as you! They must be assured that they are taken care of, protected and loved. While you take time to yourself, make sure your baby gets the attention they deserve.

17. Do not forget to take pictures (with you as well!)

Instead, document as many times as you can using video AND photos!

With cameras that are available anytime, anywhere on our phones, it’s simple to snap the important pictures anytime we want to. Of course you’d prefer to be enjoying the moment, not in front of your camera’s lens during the first couple of days in your child’s life.

Be sure to record the wrinkles in your feet that are tiny and the way they curl their lips upwards when they sleep and the way their body is lying in the same manner like when they were in your stomach. You shouldn’t skip these opportunities since you’ll never be able to get these back.

We also know that we look like horribly hot after having a baby. One of the things I didn’t want after my two deliveries would be to have photos taken (blame that on swelling and heat of summer)!

We moms, however, get in photographs less than dads, because we never get to take photos! Therefore, you should get involved in your photos. Make the awkward selfies or pass the camera to dad every once in a while.

You’ll be grateful you have these pictures to look back on , because your child will never ever again.

18. Don’t doubt your capabilities as a mother.

Instead, be confident that you’re doing the right job you can for your child..

Again, it’s normal to be stressed, anxious, and completely confused. You might think you don’t know how to proceed and if you’re doing it correctly.

Your baby will be satisfied and loved. They will be well taken care of since mothers know exactly how to take care of their children. It comes natural to us, even if you believe that it’s not.

Be aware that every mother was in your shoes at some moment in time. There is no way to be 100% ready to care for their child regardless of the amount of research you’ve conducted, the people you’ve spoken to or classes you’ve attended.

Everyone gets through the newborn phase with a smiling baby! We’ve all shed tears at times, had a break and felt as if we didn’t even know exactly what we were doing. It’s a process of learning over time and that’s the reason every mom resilient. The process of raising a child isn’t straightforward, but it’s certainly worthwhile!

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