Are you a woman who has kissed many toads, but haven’t yet met the prince? Are you trying to hold onto an idea that never came to be? If you’re looking to find out the factors that make an individual fall for women and be willing to lead her through the wedding aisle then read on…

1. A woman who has her own life Ladies, take note that he’s not looking for someone who is a clingy. If you’re the only one who has her own group of buddies and hangs in your own space you’re closer to winning.

2. The first move is not the first one: Okay So, is it ladies first, or can men to be gentlemanly and ask to speak with the lady? The man is attracted to women who don’t make her first moves. He’s determined on the best way to make you, so be a lady and be ready to let him!

3. Love is everywhere If your heart beats faster when you look at him? Does his voice inspire you to meet him? While some people may feel these feelings, others might feel the sense of peace and security in his presence. This is a great basis to build upon to navigate the relationship ship.

4. Show that you care You’ve heard it said that you shouldn’t sweat over the minor things. In a relationship, it is essential to show your love! Making small gestures to prove your partner that you truly care will increase his love for him.

5. Slutty yes, but not sexually explicit Do not engage in PDA immediately You’re likely to turn him off! Men prefer to go slow and are more comfortable being non-sexual but flirty during the first stages of a relationship.

6. Be patient and wait for sex. Don’t take a bath when you first meet. Sex can seriously damage an otherwise an amazing relationship. The two of you could have very little in common , other than sex. Therefore, wait a bit before you make a deal.

7. The truth is that a man needs to be with a woman whom he trusts. If he’s aware of the fact that he won’t escape something, he’s unlikely to pursue that route. Don’t also date one who is in a relationship with others women, either married or abusive – they’re unworthy of your time.

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