A Letter to My Final Child, Earlier than You Arrive

Letter to My Last Baby

Dear Baby #4,

It is true that you will be my final baby, my very last child. I’m writing this with a hint sadness since, at the end of the day your arrival will mark the beginning of my new life. A new era where I don’t have the belly bump or a baby to carry around, or a child to play with… But don’t think I’m being naive, however. There aren’t any words to adequately describe how thrilled that I feel and just how excited to get to know you.

As the fourth child you’ll need to know a few important things, including some crucial information to help you get through when you are born. You’ll be part of the family of five as our sixth child. As the youngest sibling there are some initiations for you to take part in, since I’m sure that your brothers as well as sister will be eager to feel at home. They already have the upper hand (or at least we make them believe it).

Your older brother is extremely vocal. He’s always been speaking in full sentences since the age of one and never slowing down. It’s as if the brain is eager to share all it has experienced and then more. Sure you’ll hear him talk your ears, but you should just pay attention. He is able to share a lot of his 7-year-old wisdom. You can learn lots from him and expand your vocabulary without having to make any noise.

Your sister is the famous Super Ninja of the family. She’s not as loud as your brother who is the oldest however, boy does she pay attention to every single thing. It’s hard to believe she’s paying attention or reacting in a timely manner and efficiently, but she’s shining by her actions. She can complete an assignment without realizing she’s left the room. She’s a woman of action doing what has to be accomplished without asking assistance. Follow her example and you’ll be able to outlast any circumstance.

Your brother is quite the adventure. It’s not quite in his toddler stage and is determined to be the same as that his siblings do. It’s impossible to stop him. If they’re able to do it, he’s able to accomplish it too. In the event that Mommy or Daddy are capable of it, he’ll be able to achieve it, and will attempt and to do it again until he is able to accomplish it by himself. He is determined to succeed and climbs over every obstacle that stands in his way (no is it really. He’s an avid climber). Note his determination to keep fighting. You too will be able to overcome everything.

We are all excited to meet you just as my dad and I are thrilled. You’ll surprise us, as we’ll never discover if you’re either a boy or girl even though we have found out to all your older siblings. There are many theories about however I am unable to tell whether you are a boy or the other. I’ve had the ability to discern not even looking at the ultrasound report. However, you are have always been a complete mysterious to me. I actually like that because I’m not great at predicting unexpected surprises!

This brings up an entirely new issue for me that is your name. Together with the others the two of us came up with name of your baby quite quickly, having a good idea of the genders of the babies already and then identifying our favorite names. We made sure to keep their names as distinct as we could without using weird spellings or any other similar methods However, of course three of them were well-known (ask Aidan and Declan about the matter.. They’ll be able to tell you). But what’s your name? I’m not even sure where to start. I’m afraid that you’ll show up without me having any idea of which name to give you! Perhaps I’ll look at you and figure out what your name is.

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