These 6 Exercises Assist You Forestall Hunched Shoulders

Your stomach could appear large and you’ll appear shorter than your height. It is important to correct your posture to prevent any health issues that might arise. These exercises can not only aid you maintain a better posture, but will also help prevent an overly hunched shoulder.Like any exercise it is crucial to warm up with stretches to prevent any injuries. Additionally, you should perform stretch exercises after this posture exercise routine.
It is necessary to have dumbbells and a counters to complete these exercises. You must rest for approximately 15 seconds between workouts.

The exercise for better posture is broken down into three sections. The first is stretching to get your body ready. These eight stretches will help prepare your body for the posture exercise that will improve your posture.

The second part is a better posture training that can help to stand up tall and avoid the possibility of hunched shoulders. There are six workouts in this program, each of which is lasting 45 seconds. It is recommended to take breaks of 15 seconds between each workout.
The third and final portion consists of stretches again. There are seven stretching exercises to finish this exercise.


  • Shoulder rolls for 20 seconds
  • Head Nods 20 Seconds
  • Head Turns 20 Seconds
  • Head Tilts 20 Seconds
  • Head Rolls 20 Seconds for 20 Seconds
  • Small Arm Circles 20 seconds
  • Big Arm Circles 20 Seconds
  • Fore-Touch Reach 20 Seconds


  • Tripod Rows: 45 Seconds per side
  • Bird Dog 45 seconds
  • Tripod Fly for 45 Seconds on each side
  • Modified Bow Bow 45 seconds
  • Up and Over Press 45 Seconds
  • Bent Over Ventral Raise 45 Seconds


  • For Front Arms, 20 Seconds
  • The Toe Touch Reach is 20 Seconds
  • Wall Chest Stretch 20 seconds
  • In-head Toe Touch 20 second
  • Downward Dog 20 seconds
  • Cobra Stretch 20 seconds
  • Child’s Pose 20 Seconds

Here’s the video guideline for these posture exercises which will help you keep your shoulders from sagging.

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